About 4Longer Beauty Equipment Ltd

Thank you for your interest in 4Longer Beauty Equipment Ltd.

We are bringing you safe, affordable and advanced beauty equipment. We strive for the best quality and the highest customer satisfaction for competitive prices.

Many of our customers told us about their challenges to buy and service quality beauty equipment for a reasonable price. To solve this issue for our customers we started selling our equipment. We will only sell equipment that is used by 4Longer Beauty Ltd for their accredited training and beauty treatments. This way we know that our equipment will deliver the expected results. All our equipment will be accompanied with a free accredited training.

To focus on the special requirements for the sales and service of professional (HIFU) beauty equipment, all equipment sales and service is done by 4Longer Beauty Equipment Ltd.

We currently sell:
  • Equipment for HIFU Advanced Skin Tightening and Lifting
  • Equipment for HIFU Body Treatments (Liposonics)
  • Other equipment can be sourced on demand or we refer you to a reputable re-seller
  • We look forward to doing business together and please contact us today for more information.

    Our Contact information:
    4Longer Beauty Equipment Ltd
    26 Rutland Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 4HY, United Kingdom

    +44 (0)755 492 5551
    +44 (0)203 700 8355
    E-mail: info@4beautylonger.com

    Company Registration Number: 10490685

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    +44 (0)203 700 8355

    E-mail: info@4Longer Beauty.com