Achieving the look of the perfect Eyebrow

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June 23, 2015
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July 30, 2016

Achieving the look of the perfect Eyebrow

4Longer Professional Semi Permanent Eyebrows with Eyebrow textured sculpting Skin

4Longer Before and After Semi Permanent Eyebrow hair and skin paints

Introducing 4Longer Professional Semi Permanent Eyebrows with Eyebrow textured sculpting Skin Paints lasting more than 3 weeks.

When it comes to eyebrows there are two roads to choose from. One is to get busy with a pencil and all the post-wake up early morning rituals that follow. The other option is to go for a solution which has you covered for a reasonable period of time. While time may be the initial benefit you find in the 4Longer Professional package, it is the HD finishing that gives a fuller and shapely pair of eyebrows where the real deal lies. So what makes all this possible? The answer lies no further than 4Longer’s Comprehensive Brow Sculpting Professional System. Read on to find out what the treatment is all about.

The demand for the perfect brow has seen a steady increase. A key trigger was a chain of events such as salon offering eyebrow services, which in turn got clients asking for more. The search for the perfect brow leads us to this treatment kit which includes everything you need to add to your existing set of wonderful salon services. The kit includes a variety of pigments, purpose-developed medically approved foundation glue, applicators, and trays including different color extensions and so on. If nothing else, this kit is an all in one solution which comes with a detailed, step by step easy to follow tutorial workbook to get you and your staff started in no time. This system is as easy as 1 2 3!

VZ Hair and Glamour is a well known brand in the beauty industry and continues to strive for excellence and quality in its products. This is certainly true of the Comprehensive Brow Sculpting system; the perfection and level of detail achieved here makes it a must have for clients. Imagine directly working on skin with colors to achieve that picture perfect brow, be it to fill in gaps or going for a complete overhaul. Couple that with water proof and humidity repellent properties, it really makes this treatment a feasible option for many. For salons looking to receive training; VZ Hair and Glamour offers courses allowing for the staff to receive hands on training and see the direct application of the Brow Sculpting kit.

The application for this system includes brow enhancement, achieving the HD brow or the 3D brow effect and other minor touch ups related to brow building. Current and future trends in beauty and fashion point towards the dearth of a proper and fitting brow sculpting service. Not only that but this treatment is also the ideal option for women losing their brow density due to old age or illness. Even clients with tattooed eyebrows can benefit from this treatment giving them a refresher dose to bring out that original tattoo ink look once again.

All in all, this new treatment is a must have on the services menu in salons. The benefits here are numerous, be it a boost in a salon’s service portfolio or just another measure down the ‘sales boosts’ line.

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