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4Longer HIFU Beauty Face Tightening and Lifting

What will HIFU Beauty Face Tightening and Lifting offer you?

HIFU Beauty is a fast and easy way to tighten and lift your skin. It is the latest technology for skin rejuvenation, you will achieve in 1 treatment tighter, firmer, lifted skin which will make your face look younger and healthier.

HIFU is a relatively new, non-surgical alternative to face lift. HIFU Beauty has significant advantages including: 1 treatment ; it stimulates collagen production; reducing wrinkles and fine lines, no downtime, no scarring or bruising, no pain and the results are natural looking and last 18 month to 3 years. For price information see: 4Longer beauty-treatments


What is HIFU?

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) this ultrasonic technique is performed using sound waves in combination with heat. The ultrasonic waves and heat bypass the surface of the skin to deliver targeted energy specifically into the deep, structural tissues and muscles of the skin. As new fibres starts to regenerate, this increases the production of collagen, which results in a tightening effect of the tissues from the inside out. A tighter smoother appearance of the skin is noticeable after treatment which continues to improve for 2 to 3 months post treatment as new collagen is being created naturally. The results last 18 month – 3 years. An additional treatment may be required after 1 year for more mature clients - but for most only after 2 years.

How it works:

1. The energy skips the epidermis layer leaving no damage or scarring to the top layer of the skin.

2. HIFU beauty therapy will produce a thermal effect to the dermal collagen fibres and stimulate the fat layer and SMAS.

3. The skin will be lifted and tightened at once and the effects will last 18 months up to 3 years with just one treatment.

4. There is no post-surgery downtime and you can resume your normal activities immediately.

Each treatment is unique

During the free consultation our beauty consultant will discuss your Face contouring, tightening and Lifting objectives and will discuss the treatment plan with you. Your face is unique and your treatment will be tailored for you. The treatment areas are:

  • Forehead
  • Eyebrows
  • Crows Feet
  • Laugh Lines
  • Double Chin
  • Jowl Line Neck
  • Neck
  • Decolletage
  • Body – see HIFU Liposonics
HIFU Beauty Treatment is the most flexible and versatile treatment on the market and the HIFU energy will be exactly delivered where you need it. The HIFU energy is non-invasive and will target the dermis and SMAS layer (0.15cm /0.3cm/0.45cm below the skin) without harming skin or surrounding tissues. These are the same layers of tissue surgeons work on during a facelift. It will deliver amazing results after a single treatment.

Body contouring is treated with HIFU Liposonic.


Why is it better than alternative treatments?

We prefer HIFU Beauty over surgical procedures like facelift as you will not have the surgical risks, scarring and post-operation downtime. HIFU is non-evasive and you will have be able to get on with your daily activities directly after the treatment.

HIFU Beauty delivers far superior results than other older non-invasive body like radiofrequency, lasers or lower energy ultrasound technologies. HIFU delivers high energy into the targeted tissue without harming skin or surrounding tissues. The best results are achieved when you follow the after care instructions.


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